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12 Tips to Treat Dry Skin

To treat dry skin this winter season, consider the following 12 tips, reposted here from the blog of Kristen Riddle, Pharm.D:

1. 3000 mg of Omega-3 Oils daily or Omega-3 rich foods daily.  Our diets are low in healthy fats and fatty acid imbalance is very common.  This leads to dry, itchy skin.  Fatty acids are essential building blocks for your body, including your skin, hair, and nails. A person taking Omega-3s can quickly tell a difference in their skin.

2. Apply moisturizer to the body while the skin is slightly moist after showering or bathing.  Note that highly perfumed or fragranced moisturizers are drying to the skin.

3. Hot showers dehydrate the skin. Use warm water in the shower or bath.  (Hot showers can also worsen rosacea skin as well.)

4. Avoid the use of bar soaps which are drying to the skin.  Healing botanical facial cleaners and moisturizing body washes should be used through the dry winter months.

5. Limit foods and beverages that lead to water retention and dehydration, such as caffeine,  alcohol, salty & processed foods.

6. Drink plenty of fluids- 2 liters of water daily.  This sounds like a lot a water, however, that is just 4 bottles of Dasani everyday.

7. Use a humidifier.  Increase the humidity level in your home during the dry season. Dry air from furnaces and heating sources deplete the moisture in the skin.  It is best to try and  keep the moisture in your skin, as well as applying a moisturizer.  (Hot air from heating sources also dries out nasal passages, which leads to sinus problems.)

8. Be sure to take care of your hands and feet during dry winter months.  Always apply hand cream after washing your hands and wear gloves to protect them from the elements.  Apply cream to your feet after bathing and before bed.

9. Look for ingredients in skin care such as hyaluronic acid which is a humectant and holds water in the skin.  It hydrates without making the skin oily.  Facial serums commonly contain hyaluronic acid (many times listed as sodium hyaluronate on the label) but be sure to find a product that does not have less than 0.5% hyaluronic acid.

10. Pharmacist Kristen Riddle recently added Cupuacu butter to Rx Skin Therapy’s hydrating mask The Cupuacu tree grows in the north region of Brazil. Its capacity of water absorption is extremely high, approximately 240% higher than Lanolin or other animal or vegetable sterols. Cupuacu butter is an emollient that leaves the skin soft and comfortable, restoring natural moisture and elasticity.

11. Another ingredient that is highly emollient and moisturizing is shea butter.  Shea butter can be used for the body or for dry facial skin. Shea butter helps the skin to feel silky soft.  It should be reserved for dry skin because it is comedogenic, which means it can clogged pores if used at too high of a level.

12. Exfoliate at least twice weekly.  The exfoliant for the face should be a mild scrub to avoid micro tears in the tender facial skin.  An all over body scrub can be a heavier mechanical scrub such as a salt or sugar scrub.

These tips for dry skin come from the developer of Rx Skin Therapy, a skin care line we carry at Koshland Pharm.   Here’s to healthy skin this winter!



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